How we helped local businesses during COVID-19


At the end of the last year, new restrictions because of the pandemic situation just hit all of us in Hungary. Every bar and restaurant had to (and still have to) be closed for an unspecified period.

We knew that reacting quickly in these times is crucial. With this in mind, we created an instantly usable single-page food order web application. The website can handle credit card payments, we have integrated an interactive map for choosing the delivery location, and a no-contact delivery option was added to the checkout page as well, in case the customer doesn’t want to contact the courier. We reached out to as many local restaurants as we can, to give them a helping hand with our fast, symbolic pricing solution.


In less than 24 hours we got a lot of positive feedbacks and grateful replies. After only 48 hours we successfully made an agreement with some local food bars and set up their food ordering website. All of these applications have been functioning since then and help our clients to operate and make it through these unprecedented months.

During this time we have expanded the functionality of the application, to support more local businesses from other segments as well, some days ago we’ve just set up the ordering system for a local florist, this way she can serve her customers with beautiful flowers in these hard days as well.




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